Frequently Asked Questions



How can I contact Fine Art Lamps directly?

Fine Art Lamps Account Services is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am through 5:30pm Eastern.  Please contact us and we will make every endeavor to assist you.

Are finish and shade fabric samples available?

Yes, please contact Account Services to request finish and shade fabric samples.

Can I get an extra chain for a Fine Art Lamps chandelier??

Yes, most Fine Art Lamps hanging fixtures have chain kits available in 6 foot lengths.  To order a chain kit, please contact your authorized retailer.

How can I get replacement parts and shades?

Please contact the authorized retailer where you originally purchased your Fine Art Lamps product.  Our authorized retailers are happy to assist with replacement parts and shades.

How do I know the correct size of a chandelier for a dining table??

A general guideline is to choose a chandelier that has a diameter equal to one-half the width of the table. The general appearance of the chandelier must be taken into account, too; that is, if it is a light airy piece it may be slightly larger than the standard.

How low should a chandelier be hung over a dining table??

Generally there should be 30" between the bottom of the chandelier and the top of the table in a room with an 8' ceiling. If the ceiling is higher, the distance between the bottom of the fixture and the table should increase slightly. Remember that the chandelier should provide light for the table, but not be so low as to block anyone's line of vision when they are sitting at the table.

What guidelines should I follow in choosing a chandelier for a foyer or other room??

Add the room dimensions together. If the room is 14' by 16', add 14 + 16. The answer is 30, which means that your chandelier should be approximately 30" in diameter. Again, remember that other factors such as the height of the ceiling may influence the proper size.

How high should I hang a wall sconce??

Generally, sconces should be placed on a wall 60" from the floor.

How can I become a Fine Art Lamps retailer?

Contact your area Sales Representative with your request.  Find your area’s Sales Representative by using the “sales rep directory” link on the website’s bottom navigation bar.

Where can I buy your lighting products?

Authorized retailers can be found by using the “Locate a Dealer” link on the top navigation bar. Simply enter your zip code to identify dealers in your area.

How do I get one of your printed catalogs?

Printed catalogs are available to our existing retail partners and potential retailers, designers and decorators. To receive one, contact your sales representative or our customer care department. Of course, our comprehensive digital catalog is available to all on the website. Use the link in the site header.

Where can I get instructions for cleaning and caring for your products?

Click here for product cleaning instructions. They can also be found in the product hang tag and installation documentation that ship with each Fine Art Lamps product.

Are Fine Art Lamps products UL approved?

Yes.  For information regarding Fine Art Lamps’ listing, please refer to  Fine Art Lamps’ general luminaries listing is E-152434 and the portables listing is E-24148.  Both listings can be found under the corporate name of Blumberg Industries, Inc. (Fine Art Lamps is the DBA for Blumberg Industries).  This also applies to our outdoor fixtures.

How long will my order take?

All Fine Art Lamps lighting designs are handcrafted to order.  Product lead times vary on the complexity of the product but are typically between 5-8 weeks.

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